Journey to Spiritual Healing - 7 Day Retreat

Journey to spiritual healing is deeper healing retreat for those who want to have a guidance in recognizing themselves and be able to let go the past, to move on and to learn living with trust. This is a retreat to empower us to be bale to heal ourselves and for some people who also have a call to help others.

This retreat will connect and understand more self, self power, energy, what is energy, about chakra, about doors to healing parts of body and soul, about protection and different techniques and disciplines. But start from self, self love, self empower, self healing, then to loved ones.

Day-to-Day Agenda

Day 1Introduction & Opening

  • Body movement and pranayama
  • Water purification
  • Introduction: what is spiritual healing?
  • Meditation

Day 2Integrity

  • Body movement and pranayama
  • Healing path, related to self: acknowledgement and discoveries
  • What is healing, what is healer?
  • Healing power – self exploration
  • Meditation

Day 3Building foundation

  • Body movement and pranayama
  • Tunjung’s intro: Building foundation, how to be in the field
  • Followed: discussion and sharing:
    What’s the meaning of being in the field? being present? What to do to be in the field? In the present moment? How internal process is important to be present in the field
  • Share the practice experience
  • Tunjung shares about Holding the space and connect with higher resource
  • Meditation

Day 4About Energy

  • Body movement and pranayama
  • Visiting a Balinese Healer – drive to Karangasem
  • Sharing experience and intro to Energy
  • Mediation: Chakra

Day 5Doors in Body

  • Body movement and pranayama
  • Energy and body scanning
  • Exploring healing ability:
    All about Chakra and DOORS in the body: how to work, how to act to it, main doors, emergency connecting doors
  • Meditation: opening third eye

Day 6Healing Methods and Higher Source

  • Body movement and pranayama
  • Healing methods and practices: ideas and explorations
  • Practice
  • Meditation: connection to higher source

Day 7Connect to Higher Source

  • Body Movement and pranayama
  • Practice
  • Meditation: Creative Body Essence
  • Observe: the ability and the lack – from the a week process
  • Group sharing
  • Meditation: Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing




Everyday 6am-4pm


USD 1,484,- (with accommodation)
USD 1,030,- (without accommodation)


Oct 19-25, 2018


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