Self-Healing Retreat - 5 Day Retreat

“There’s a space within that always at peace no matter how rough the tides outside, step inside, embrace and dances with the waves, Then the mind, the body, the soul will always peacefully aligned”

We are all have the knowledge, the wisdom and the capacity to heal our body, mind and soul no matter what we going through and experiencing.

Through self healing workshop, Tunjung will shares a guidance with a very simple and practical methods, for us to be able to align with the wisdom within. So we can reach the depth of the consciousness and the souls of every organs in our body internally and externally from there the self healing journey begin.

Note : Self Healing Retreat is non conversation between one another participant (is not fully silent as there’s a lecture and open sharing and talks but no conversation), the purpose is for the participants to be more able to have intimacy with the inner self to be able to heal the selves.

Day-to-Day Agenda

Day 1

  • Basic yoga and breathing
  • Ice breaking : Introduction & overview the program
  • Water purification
  • Guided Meditation
  • Sharing time

Day 2

  • Body movement
  • Introduction about healing (meaning, intention & purpose)
  • Learning about the self (body, mental & soul) – Body reaction (exhaust, alergic, spirit, limp, illness), Sensation (comfortable, uncomfortable, shrink, enlarge), Mental (emotion, reaction, conclusion, assumption, expectation, like or dislike, comparison), Soul (feeling, intuition, visions, hell yes, or hell no)
  • Practice (experiencing self recognition and self needs)
  • Guided meditation

Day 3

  • Laughing yoga
  • Healing and energy (energy absorbing, recognizing the source of the energy/from outside or ourselves)
  • Strategy, how to handle
  • Practice healing/handling energy (evil thoughts, bad words, sweet words, protection)
  • Own practice
  • Guided meditation

Day 4

  • Laughing yoga
  • Healing with Balinese Healer (Jro Ayu)
  • Massage (1 hour balinese massage, body healing and loving)

Day 5

  • Self movement practice (everybody has to be committed in the class) silent
  • Question and answer
  • Practice
  • Sound healing meditation (closing)




Everyday 6am-4pm


USD 1,756,- (with accommodation)
USD 1,366,- (without accommodation)


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