The Art of Letting Go - 3 Day Retreat

Embrace The Inner Changes Retreat

Practice the artistic process of letting go! Embrace the emotions. Dance with feelings. Dive into the inner self, both light and dark layers. Understand things with different perspectives. And make peace within self. The retreat will full of body movement and breathing, self and group exercise, group sharing, silent day, meditation, to open, to accept and be ready to embrace the changes.

Day-to-Day Agenda

Day 1Acceptance

  • Body Movement & Breathing
  • Water Purification
  • Writing/journaling about self also using cards (self needs recognition)
  • Self Practice
  • Dharma Talk: Self acknowledgment
  • Sharing and discussion
  • Meditation: Self Acknowledgements

Day 2Self – check in & Acceptance

  • Happy Yoga & Breathing
  • Mirroring and exploring the self
  • Affirmation board self statement
  • Groups sharing and Dharma Talk: Understanding and compassion
  • Compassion meditation

Day 3Silent Day

  • Body Movement & Breathing
  • Mindfullness meditation
  • Self silent
  • Walking Meditation
  • Forgiveness of the momentum process & practice
  • Sound healing meditation




Everyday 6am-4pm


USD 1,166,- (with 3 nights accommodation)
USD 986,- (without accommodation)
2 meals per day: Breakfast and Lunch


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