The Art of Letting Go - 7 Day Retreat

Body, Mind, Soul Liberation

Join Tunjung’s deep seven days The Art of Letting Go: Body, mind, soul liberation group retreat that will help you find a way to release anxiety, guilt, sadness, anger and attachment and replace them with love, joy, self-acceptance and freedom. Seven days are really great to have special day to day exercise and receive the healing energy from both self and from Tunjung. Experiencing self-exercise within a group retreat allows individuals to have deep interaction and connection. Raising self-reflection as well as empathy to others.

Everyone has a potential to grow in ways they didn’t think was possible. Learn how to have lasting change with the simple flip of a switch and celebrate your life, to be able to share the fullness of your being and the truth of your life in all kinds of relationship. With the guidance being offered, answers will be revealed to give you the clarity you seek.

By learning to accept the emotions, feelings and understand things happen with different and whole perspective, give compassion to the situation, and have peace within self, then forgive and surrender. Only through this formula, day to day practice, this will set yourself free of unhealthy emotions and feelings, cleanse the traumas and associated with the past, be able to embrace self-love and be ready with inner changes.

Day-to-Day Agenda

Day 1Introduction & Opening

  • Body Movement & Breathing
  • Ice breaking: Introduction & Overview The Program
  • Water purification
  • Self practice: Expectations, Questions, Feelings, Thoughts
  • Self Recognizing Meditation

Day 2Self – check in & Acceptance

  • Body Movement & Breathing
  • Mirroring: about self, exploring, noticing, recognizing, feelings, actions, reactions.
  • Group sharing and practice
  • Affirmation board: Exploring traps, blocks, leaks, layers, hidden, fears
  • Dharma talk: Acknowledgment
  • Practice
  • Meditation

Day 3Understanding & Compassion

  • Happy Yoga & Breathing
  • Dharma talk: Understanding & Compassion
  • Practice & Sharing
  • Exercise: Understanding and Compassion
  • Self process
  • Meditation: Compassion

Day 4Healing Day

  • Happy Yoga & Breathing
  • Visit Balinese Healer (healing)
  • Listening and discussion with Jero Ayu – The Balinese Healer
  • Body Massage

Day 5Forgiveness

  • Body Movement & Breathing
  • Dharma talk: Forgiveness
  • Excercise & Sharing
  • Forgiveness meditation
  • Dharma Talk: Self Love
  • Practice & Sharing
  • Self Love Meditation

Day 6Silent Day

  • Silent day
  • Body Movement & Breathing
  • Salt Therapy: Meditation
  • Self mindfulness process
  • Mindfulness meditation, sitting and walking meditation

Day 7Trust & Surrender

  • Happy Yoga & Breathing
  • Exercise: Reflection: affirmation board 2nd day – now: See the gaps, the differences, the
    changes. How is the process? Where are you moving on?
  • Exercise: Systematic practice of basic foundation of self fulfillment
    (spiritual, mental, material development and improvement)
  • Discussion: Q/A
  • Sound healing meditation




Everyday 6am-4pm


USD 2,600,- (with accommodation, breakfast, lunch & all retreats activities)