The Art of Letting Go

Self Love

In self-love workshop we share the simple formula and details about how to get to the point when you can accept ourselves fully.

We were born and raised in conditions, most of us not growing and glowing with our nature. Self-love is to open up ourselves to connect with self and to have contentment within. We will love ourselves and everyone and everything, is no longer dependency on the fears or in our inferiority, into others or into something to make us feel love to trust and to continue to believe in our own magic and beauty.

It’s easy to love others and when it comes to ourselves most people tend to find it hard to do. Tunjung offer a simple guidance, safe space and support for you to practice, share, feel, get intimacy with yourself to immerse yourself in love

Self/life statement
The Declaration/proclamations that you made from yourselves, for yourselves about your life purpose, achievement and self-commitment so you can change your life in a simple flip of a switch

The way of getting to know who you are and how you see yourself and how do you want everything to be alike, yet embracing your deepest fears to allow acceptance to exist

Damma Talk
Intimate sharing and guidance about the main point of self-love and how it affects your life and to take the big steps and discipline to reach your self fulfillment




9am-12am (3 hours)


IDR 600,000,- / USD 48.00,-


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