Living in Ubud and sharing with open-heart, her musical, intuitive and healing gifts, to help on all physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Monique Martin,

  • Location: Ubud, Indonesia
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Monique Martin was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Professional Pianist, Conductor and Composer, she holds master degrees in piano performance, orchestra conducting and composition. University professor for more than 30 years and musical director of many ensembles, she was invited to conduct symphonic works as well as operas in Canada, USA and in Europe.

She came to Bali in 2011 where she started her ‘healing journey’ and subsequently became a Certified Yoga Teacher, a Spiritual healer, a Certified Tibetan Singing Bowl and Sound Therapist. In Bali, she first learned Yoga Pranala, inspired by the balian Tjokorda Rai’s Energy Healing.  She then studied many different types of Spiritual Healing techniques such as Crystals, Energy Healing and developed as well her psychic abilities. In Kathmandu, Nepal, she discovered the Singing Bowls and now holds certificates in this vibrational healing method.